Coconut + Rose Milk Cleanser

Coconut + Rose Milk Cleanser


Gently cleanse and remove the day with this amazing coconut milk and rose water cleanser. It'll leave your skin supple and fresh, with a nice refreshing scent of coconut milk and a clean rose. 

The scent is not overpowering and very clean.

More of a liquid consistancy.


Only 2 allowed per customer order. Violators will have their orders cancelled. 

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Coconut Milk
Restores Moisture to dry skin. Improves skin elasticity due to its copper and vitamin C content. Soothes the symptoms of psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

Balances all skin types, and is safe for sensitive skin. Acts as a humectant, maintaining the skin's natural moisture, and its antibacterial properties help prevent acne.

Goldenseal: Contains berberine that has been found to have cleansing properties, and is useful for blemished skin.

Aloe Extracts
Heal, moisturize, and sooth irritated, inflamed, or sunburned skin. 

Green Tea Extract
Antioxidants help fight damage caused by free radicals. Two times more antioxidant-active than Vitamin C.

Buckthorn Extract
High in natural Vitamin C and E, nourishing effects in soothing sensitive and easily irritated skin, anti-aging

Evening Primrose Extract
Anti-inflammatory. Soothe skin dryness, itchiness, and redness. Anti-oxidant. Moisturizing and softening.

Mallow Extract
Soothing and protecting properties to dry and sensitive skin. Reduce inflammation.


My skin is super sensitive so its hard to find products that dont make my skin red and blotchy, ive tried a bunch of different Foxie products and they all leave my skin feeling fine! Softer, softest is probably the most important thing in my beauty routine - last time i ran out i was so devastated, so i had to buy two at the restock! I also highly recommend the Coconut & Rose cleanser, Jelly Toning cleanser, and Roses are Red face mask.
— Rachel H