November 14 - 20th Routine + Double Cleansing

Hey, Foxes!

This weeks routine has since changed from the last. I've been going out into the cold and being subjected to more city pollution than I normally have to be. My typically oily skin is now combo, but only getting dry around my nose and somewhat my chin area. 

Since my skin is so sensitive and smooth, my extent of exfoliating comes from the washcloth, and the light exfoliates found in some of my cleansers, and adding lots of moisture.

It's really cool that I get to go into my office and pick out what soap I want to shower with whenever I run out. I  sadly ran out of Bery Berry Shower Icing -- which if you know me, I almost can't shower without. So to replace any moisture I was going to be missing out on, I "picked up" a Sweet Milk coconut milk based soap. It's got the most homey scent and such a rich creamy lather that it's almost hard to top using it (sounds like it's about time I should make a bath milk soak version!). It leaves my skin extremely soft and buttery.

Here's where I'm changing it up for myself -- Double Cleansing. Back to back cleansing, but with the first cleanse being a mild peel, and the second being a moisture rich, vitamin filled breakout reducer. Since my soaps are detergent free, that means they're free of the harsh stripping agents we don't want to subject our faces to. 

Is it just me, or does washing your face in the shower just... not feel right? I think I have to look at myself in the mirror in order to feel like I really got it clean. 

I've started this routine off with the Orange Clay Face + Body Cleanser

Orange Clay Cleanser is a citrus soap. Its got lemon peel bits and Orange Essential OIl.  So it isn't meant to be used everyday because it can "burn" your skin. I gently wash with Orange Clay 2-3 times a week, and only use it at night to ensure I don't get in contact with any sunlight which can increase the chances of irritation. 

The Lemon Peel is a natural astringent, antiseptic, and bactericide. It can help clear your complexion and smooth out broken capillaries, while clearing greasy and oily skin that have breakouts. This helps my skin feel like it started over. Brand new skin ready to soak up the next steps.

I then use the Beetroot + Rose Cleansing Bar

On its own, this cleanser does wonders for acne, gently exfoliating and balancing the natural oils you want your skin to produce, but not over produce. I use it for double cleansing to get the acne treating and antiseptic uses of Tea Tree and Rosemary Essential Oil, the vitamins from raw Beetroot, the oil absorbing properties of Bentonite and the purifying and cleansing properties of Rose Clay.


This weeks brand new added step includes the all mighty HALCYON Hydrating + Calming Gel Mask

"Halcyon" is another word for "calming," so it was only fitting to name a mask that's filled with Chamomile, Carrot and Aloe Vera after one of my favorite words. This mask has ultra hydrating powers and I'm preeetty sure my skin is addicted to it. It takes less than 5 minutes to reap the benefits, making this a mask I can easily throw into my routine without being pressed for time. Plus it's a mask I can use everyday with no draw backs. I love knowing I'm getting literally everything I need out of one jar.

The small description I listed is:
"Ultra Moisturizing
Plumping, Youthful & Firming
Anti - Inflammatory
Reduce Acne, Breakouts & Scarring
Increases The Overall Tone

My Steps: I use a thin layer all over my face and partial neck. and After 5-15 minutes, massage in the rest then wipe off the excess chamomile and carrot powders with a damp washcloth. 

HALCYON does SO much (and so effortlessly) that I do suggest reading the key ingredient info on the page. 


As always, I'm STILL highly obsessed with Softer, Softest, Face : Face and Smell the Roses (I use them in that order after cleansing or masking). My skin soaks them all up and I'm left with not only visibly soft skin, but it's soft to the touch, plump and healthy looking.

Added bonus is that all of these products are also nice on my hands so I can just rub in anything that's left instead of wasting a single drop.


Since I'm almost out of my bottle, I figure I should mention my favorite hand soap inspired by having to use hotel hand soap while traveling. I guess I forgot for a split second that not all hand soaps are created equal and thought I'd be satisfied using those mini guest soaps hotels have. I WASN'T. 

Pink Fox actually leaves my hands clean, but also soft and left with the faint scent of Rosewater and Lemon. It's also nice to have Aloe, Shea Butter and Almond Oil grace my nails and cuticles, which aren't things I usually pay attention to.


All in all, I don't think this routine will be changing for awhile (but I did create TWO brand new cleansers for the Cyber Monday restock)!

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