October 9th - 15th Weekly Fall Routine

It's finally starting to get chilly, wet, and a bit gloomier here in Nashville the second week of October. Plus, I've found myself doing more of that stressful brainstorming kind of work now that I've been working on my own TV show House Show Game Show and I'm traveling A LOT. So I'm finally forced to get out of my Summer skin and body care routines, and switch over to Fall.

Fall routines, for me, require much more buttery (read: moisturized, glowing) love. I have to moisturize my body more often, or I'll find that my entire body isn't as buttery as I'd like it to be. Because I have permanent soft skin, my way of telling if I'm buttery enough is by doing the "If someone were to scratch me, could I see it?" test. To keep up with the weather changes this week, I carry the smaller jar of The Big Green Body Butter with me, and shower with both Roth & Ko Soap and Bery Berry Shower Icing (can't live without).

When it comes to my face, I have really sensitive and oily skin. The wrong product will throw off the balance of my skin and suddenly I'll have dry skin around my nose and cheek area.

This week, I've started and ended my days going back and fourth between Coconut + Rose Milk Cleanser and Beetroot + Rose Cleanser to completely cleanse.

The Coconut + Rose Cleanser is really fresh, simple and completely takes off any make up and dirt as is. Usually I wear full eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara and lipstick, but I kept it to just mascara and ColourPop lipstick in the shades 'Lady' and 'Grunge' this week. So having an ultra gentle cleanser really comes in handy even on days where I just need all the perks of the added extracts found in Coconut + Rose and a thorough cleanse.

The Beetroot + Rose Cleanser helps lightly buff away dead skin, purify, hydrate and fight acne. It being my time of the month, having this cleanser in my routine keeps my skin clear of hormonal breakouts. Sometimes cleansers leave your face feeling stripped of all life for the sake of getting clean, but the added oils help balance that -- and I don't have any room to lose that now that it's windy out.


Since I've been kind of stressed, my mask of the week has been Third Tier because of the way the Rosemary Oil helps me focus and keeps my skin soothed. The Spinach and various clays really help to keep any acne away, exfoliate and I get an array of vitamins I truly don't get with the amount of work I have to do. It's such a cooling and relaxing mask that really battles all the shit I put my skin through. This week I've added a few drops of the Face : Face Serum into my mix. I'm left super soft and wanting to touch my face all night.


Two of my all time favorites are Softer, Softest Moisturizer and the Face : Face Serum. I couldn't survive the summer without Softer, Softest and I surly can't survive the Fall without it. My skin just loves soaking it up. When I use Face : Face with it either before or mixed with, I can see an even bigger glow and I really feel like my skin is not only protected, but like I could probably last in the North Pole for at least 24 hours with a glowing and supple face.

I get super excited when I get to soak up a bunch of my favorite plant extracts, so obviously Face : Face is a dream come true for me. Especially at night when you get to jump in bed and practically make a new face throughout the night.

Finally I top and seal it all in with Smell The Roses - which is part face toner and part beauty water. The added Green Tea Seed Oil gives me that one last layer of hydration that I need. I'll spay it on anytime I feel like I need to refresh, or want to wash my face but can't. It's such a simple step, but one of the most important.

Since I have a lot of work and brainstorming to do, I've been soaking my feet while on the couch with these Chopped in Half Bath Bombs and they not only soothe my stress away, but leave my skin  super hydrated and smooth. I needed something to put me in the Halloween mood and these did the trick!


I can get lazy with my routine, so these are all really great simple ways to keep my skin looking how I prefer without having to do much, because each product does SO much by themselves. 

See you next week in the pumpkin patches, Foxes! 

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