I'm Foxie (Kayla)! 

Here, since 2015, I've handcrafted over 500 bath, body, skin and hair care products, while simultaneously fulfilling my love of making art, helping people, and giving some insight into skin, what works, and why. 

Yes, I do make, run and operate Foxie Cosmetics all myself! From the products themselves, labeling, photos, descriptions and getting them to your door.

I started in April 2015 with Bath Bombs, Soaps, Skin, Body and Hair care, and have continued to expand greatly on all 5 categories, as well as adding Perfumes and Home Decor.

25 years old, Austin, TX native -- but I travel often between Nashville (where I make and package), New York and California.
I've been vegan for 12 years, so keeping things Vegan and Cruelty Free are more than a means to be accessible, but my ethical lifestyle choice.
 My bath products aim at soothing aches and pains because I have varying invisible illnesses, and as a touring musician, you'd bet I take a lot of baths after a month long tour. I wanted products that did something, so Foxie Cosmetics was born.

I play hardcore/punk/metal in bands Bleed The Pigs, Pulsatile Tinnitus and a few others, and my music leaks all into my products (nearly everything is titled/inspired after a band or song).
I'm a writer, and use my voice for causes that reflect everything I'm about. That will be seen here. 
Sometimes I'm gone on tour, or working on my TV show, but I'll always come back better than when I left! 

Everything in the store is a reflection of myself, things I love, and what I want for my own body. I want to create things that get you feeling yourself effortlessly, by your own terms and standards. Beauty is whatever you want it to be. I mean, I always wear mismatched socks and feel great that way!

If you want to know my skin care routine; I use 100% of my own stuff, don't wear foundations and have an oily/sometimes combo skin type. Check out the blog to see my routines! 

Check me out on social media: @afroxvx (on everything)